• Chris Pacione // CEO at LUMA Institute // A Taxonomy of Innovation

    As service designers, you are probably familiar with several tools and techniques that you and your teams can employ in your work. Techniques like interviewing, service blueprint and brainstorming are well known in the industry. But did you realize there are over 900 discreet design and innovation methods at our disposal? The question is, which ones should we bother mastering and incorporating into our everyday work? Are their methods that are more indispensable and better suited for overcoming the challenges inherent in our work and delivering innovative service solutions? In this talk, Chris will briefly discuss the research he and his team at LUMA Institute conducted around design methodology and a new framework that emerged from this research that HBR recently called a “Taxonomy of Innovation”. He will share with you what they learned and how you, your team and your organization might leverage it become better service designers.

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