• UX Intensive Amsterdam 2012: Service Design Day Snapshot

    Last Thursday, April 5th, we capped off our four day UX Intensive training with the Service Design day. Jamin Hegemen lead the activity-packed day, introducing principles and methods designed to help organizations orchestrate cohesive cross-channel experiences for products and services. Just a couple of the highlights included developing service blueprints and mapping customer journeys. Much fun was had in the service prototyping portion, as participants used acting as a means of prototyping service experiences.

    Jamin lead the group through a full day that included introducing Service Design, understanding the flows of service systems, mapping customer journeys, prototyping services, and creating service blueprints.


    Mapping the relationships between actors and touchpoints in a service system.


    Students got down and dirty mapping customer journeys.


    Human rights solidarity? No, prototyping service experiences through acting.


    It wouldn’t be a proper UXI day if it weren’t capped off with a trip to the pub.

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