• The R3 Lab on Sustainable Design Welcomes Adaptive Path

    I want to begin by giving a shout out to Tom Sieu founder of the R3 Lab at The Academy of Art University and the fall 2010 class. Thank you for inviting me to collaborate with you!

    R3 is not just a class, it’s more of a mission—a call for future designers to pause and think about the bigger picture before making more STUFF. To be mindful of the environmental, cultural, societal, and economic implications of the information, products, and services they bring forth.

    Tonight I begin my journey with the R3 Lab to Reimagine, Rethink, and Redesign better things and better experiences. I have been invited to bring Adaptive Path’s approach to designing for Real Product Ecosystems. It’s about expanding our frame of reference to include things that have not traditionally been at the core of the design process, such as: a deeper look at cities & infrastructure; wrapping our heads around politics & policy-making; a no BS approach to understanding how decisions are truly made in business; and a belief that information has the power to make sense and make change, as much as it has the potential to mislead. At the core sustainable design is entrenched in divergent perspectives, our role is to create bridges.

    I am so looking forward to this. Thank you R3 Lab, I can’t wait to meet all of you!

    Throughout the semester I will be posting updates to keep you all informed of class progress.

    Learn more about R3 Lab…

    Also, checkout this awesome write-up that Trina did about R3 Lab’s visit to AP’s offices…



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