• SXSW Slidecast: 10 Tips for Managing a Creative Environment

    I pulled together a slidecast, with audio, of “10 Tips for Managing a Creative Environment.” Bryan Mason and I gave this talk at SXSW 2008 Interactive. I’ve already described the talk here (we gave a version of it at Web 2.0 Expo SF in April) but the SXSW folks recently made the audio available.

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    1. 10 tips om een creatieve omgeving te managen | Ent

      […] Als dit je eerste keer is op dit blog, wil je misschien een abonnement op mijn RSS feed of mijn wekelijkse nieuwsbrief in je inbox. Dank voor je bezoek!Bryan Mason en Sara B. Nelson werken allebei voor Adaptive Path (blog). Ze gaven samen onderstaande presentatie tijdens SXSW 2008 Interactive. […]

    2. Berthold

      Great Talk. While I wasn’t surprised by any of the points (although the “rotate leadership” concept struck me as odd until you clarified that it’s more like “don’t overmanage”) because I read a lot about it and have my own set of (largely bad) experiences, I loved your giving different examples from within very different teams. Few talks on the topic really focus on presenting the audience with real, working evidence of these concepts, even though they are what make or break the credibility.

      I’ve actually myself gone into both IT (employee and company manager) and now design because I love to work with people and learn about what problems they are facing and how they solve them or how I can solve those for them. Not to mention both disciplines are extremely interesting in and of themselves.

      I really wish more people would take these rules to heart instead of pretending they know everything better. There is a new generation of leaders on the rise, and they don’t get there by stepping on toes and kissing asses. They get there because they have respect for their team, because they have ethics and a mission, and because they don’t say that their customers are kings, they really treat them like they are. And they are going to fix what was wrong with the old ways.

      After school, I really hope to land a gig at a company where mutual respect counts more than an expensive suit and a fake smile.

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