• February 22, 2005

    This week’s newsletter is a doozy: Jesse presents a workshop in Australia, and offers his thoughts on a new approach to web application development that we call Ajax. Adaptive Path is also proud to announce the launch of its redesign for the United Nations’s ReliefWeb, and to introduce you to Chiara Fox, the newest member of our team. Read on to learn where we’ll be meeting up for beers at the IA summit, and let us buy you a round or two.

    Jesse in Sydney

    Adaptive Path and Different, the Australian interactive agency specialising in human centred design, have teamed up to bring Jesse James Garrett to the all-new Human Centred Design Revolution workshop this May in Sydney. Join Jesse as he gives his full-day presentation on “The Elements of User Experience” and “The Nine Pillars of a Successful Web Team.”

    Tuesday, 17 May 2005, Australian Technology Park, Sydney

    Different and Adaptive Path have joined forces to bring the year’s most important event for Australia’s digital design community. Attendees will learn how to incorporate user goals, business needs, and organizational awareness into the design process — helping you to produce your most successful work ever. Attendees will leave the workshop inspired and equipped with design techniques they can use right away.

    In addition to Jesse, other speakers include BHP Billiton’s Lu Jianzhong and Different’s Jackie Moyes who will provide case studies and show how Human Centered Design principles have delivered demonstrable results to some of Australia’s leading companies. Sign up today »

    Ajax: A New Approach to Web Applications

    By Jesse James Garrett

    If anything about current interaction design can be called “glamorous,” it’s creating Web applications. After all, when was the last time you heard someone rave about the interaction design of a product that wasn’t on the Web? (Okay, besides the iPod.) All the cool, innovative new projects are online.

    Despite this, Web interaction designers can’t help but feel a little envious of our colleagues who create desktop software. Desktop applications have a richness and responsiveness that has seemed out of reach on the Web. The same simplicity that enabled the Web’s rapid proliferation also creates a gap between the experiences we can provide and the experiences users can get from a desktop application.

    That gap is closing. Take a look at Google Suggest. Watch the way the suggested terms update as you type, almost instantly. Now look at Google Maps. Zoom in. Use your cursor to grab the map and scroll around a bit. Again, everything happens almost instantly, with no waiting for pages to reload.

    Google Suggest and Google Maps are two examples a new approach to web applications that we at Adaptive Path have been calling Ajax. The name is shorthand for Asynchronous JavaScript + XML, and it represents a fundamental shift in what’s possible on the Web.

    Read the rest of Jesse’s essay »

    Jesse James Garrett is an Adaptive Path founder. In 2005, he’ll bring his full-day seminar “The Elements of User Experience” to Boulder, Sydney, Seattle, and other cities around the globe.

    United Nations Launches Adaptive Path Redesign of Critical Humanitarian Resource

    When a disaster occurs anywhere in the world, the United Nations’s ReliefWeb is the primary information resource for the humanitarian aid community. After two years of work by Adaptive Path, Mule Design, and the United Nations’s ReliefWeb team, we’re honored to announce the launch of ReliefWeb’s new design and structure. This long-term project couldn’t have finished at a more crucial time; the new site launched in mid-January, shortly after the devastating tsunami in Southeast Asia.

    Read more about the work we did in our case study.

    Welcome, Chiara Fox!

    Please join us in welcoming the talented Chiara Fox, Adaptive Path’s new senior information architect. Before joining our team, Chiara served as the senior information architect for PeopleSoft, and an information architect at Argus Associates, a pioneering information architecture design firm.

    Chiara received her Master of Science degree in Library and Information Science from Simmons College. She spent ten years working in public and scientific libraries as a cataloger and reference librarian before devoting herself to the web full-time. We’re lucky to have her, and you’ll have a chance to meet her at the upcoming IA Summit. Please be sure to say hello.

    IA Summit Beers on Us

    We’d like to see you in Montreal at the 2005 IA Summit. First, join us at a few Adaptive Path presentations, and join us for a beer or two. Adaptive Path will be there in force, both attending and presenting. Here are a few places you can catch us at the Summit:

    • March 4, 2004: Janice Fraser, “Leveraging Business Value: The ROI of
      User Experience”
    • March 5, 2005: Peter Merholz, “Content Genres: The Hidden Workhorse of
      Information Architecture”
    • March 7, 2005: Lane Becker and Jeff Veen, “Make Your CMS Work for You”

    And with so many good friends coming together in Montreal next month, we thought we’d get everyone together and buy a few rounds. Come have a beer with us, talk shop, and get to know all the Adaptive Path crew — along with our friends and IA Summit attendees.

    Here’s where we’ll be on Saturday, March 5 at 8 p.m.:

    Brutopia Brew Pub

    1219 Crescent

    (between Ste. Catherine and Rene Levesque)

    (514) 393-9277

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