• Capital One’s AdaptivePath.org Year In Review

    “What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” -Jane Goodall

    During the earliest day of dot-org, I borrowed this quote to succinctly express what I hoped dot-org would become in the world. This past year, we’ve made strides to clarify what and how we operate. We started the year working with Glide to pilot a new service, Glide Goods. Our mission—Transforming Communities by Design—was born in March with an engagement model that set clear expectations with both nonprofits and the design associates who would work these opportunities. In September, we organized our first BarnRaise in partnership with Illinois Institute of Design. I’m so excited about 2017 and the prospect of a new year; I could go on and on about how I feel dot-org has impacted everyone it has touched, but instead, I think it’s even better to have those people tell you themselves.

    Participating in BarnRaise was one of the most impactful moments of 2016 for me. Not only because we spent a few awesome days of caffeine-fueled and paper-prototype-full design making, but because the solutions we came up with were immediately embraced and implemented by our partner FamilyHouse. Dot-org arranged an event unlike any other I have participated in—connecting design leads, students, and nonprofits around the goal of democratizing design. One of dot-org’s core beliefs is that design should not be a luxury, and that is exactly what BarnRaise was all about. Our two representatives from Family House not only participated in the weekend design jam session, but loved what we did so much that they had us come present to their board so that the solutions we created could be immediately implemented at their amazing new facility. This event was one that bridged the gap between design and business, between complex challenges and tangible solutions, and most importantly between cohabitants of this vibrant city we call home. –Alida Draudt

    Working on dot-org projects has been extremely energizing and fulfilling. My normal, everyday work at Capital One is meaningful, but working with nonprofits through dot-org feels so incredibly significant, needed, and it makes me feel deeply connected to my community. I love that this company provides a way for us to share the love with those who need it most through projects and events like BarnRaise.  –Rachel Posman

    When this year started, I was dealing with a host of heavy personal issues; I was in a selfish and brooding place. Our team’s learnings and contributions to Family House for BarnRaise helped me to shake off those cobwebs by widening my design reach to a truly magical cause and broadening my perspective on what is and isn’t important in my work and in life.  –Van Sedita

    Participating in the dot-org office hours this year gave me an opportunity to use what I’ve learned at Capital One in a new context. It’s an interesting challenge to explain what we do to a group of people that normally doesn’t have access to the services we provide, and it was a good learning experience to be able to take on more responsibilities in this narrowed context.  –Andrea Fineman

    As designers, it’s vital for us to continuously challenge ourselves and gain new perspectives and experiences. It just makes us better at what we do. Dot-org allows Capital One’s Designers to do that while giving back, bringing our skills to nonprofits that may see design as a luxury—something out of reach. It’s incredibly rewarding and empowering.This year I had the honor of working with an amazing team of people at GLIDE to co-design and launch a new service that is giving GLIDE’s clients unprecedented access to desperately needed products, and giving GLIDE staff the opportunity to connect earlier and more meaningfully with clients while empowering their staff and volunteers to gain new retail skills. Capital One’s commitment to dot-org helps ONE Designers do good while doing well. Through dot-org, I’ve gained leadership experience, got connected to a broader design and nonprofit community, and became a better designer by designing outside my comfort zone!  –Nick Crampton

    Dot-org has given me the chance to participate in helping my community. Between BarnRaise planning, curriculum development for nonprofit design education, and office hours, I have had the chance to work with amazing people and really see a difference being made around me. The dot-org work has been some of the most fulfilling work that I have done at Capital One. I’m really excited to see some of our courses being launched in 2017 and to BarnRaising around the country!  –Jessica Kessin

    Our work at BarnRaise resulted in a brand new way to give to La Cocina a membership program that, with monthly donations, will engage our community and provide us with much needed support for the work we do to provide women and immigrants with an opportunity to launch and grow food businesses. You can learn more about our membership program here: www.lacocinasf.org/donate_monthly. We can’t thank AdaptivePath.org enough for providing us with the tools to get our membership project off the ground! So far we have signed up 25 members and are hoping for many more before the end of the year! –Leticia Landa, La Cocina

    At this year’s BarnRaise, Sequence and GLIDE came together to improve the welcome experience for current participants and new visitors at GLIDE. Using service design practices such as empathy exercises, bodystorming and business origami, the two organizations produced color coded iconography and visual markers to improve wayfinding and the general welcome experience at GLIDE.  –Barbara Lin, Glide Foundation

    We are so grateful to AdaptivePath.org for opening their doors to Juma. Not only did you generously allowed us to use your beautiful space for a volunteer & donor cultivation event, but you provided invaluable support leading up to and during the event. This event allowed us to launch CollegeSet.org—a fundraising platform that helps raise funds to match our students’ college savings.  –Lucia Fernandez-Palacios, JUMA

    Thank you all so much on behalf of Family House! The BarnRaise weeend was absolutely incredible and I am so inspired by the work that was produced in one and a half days. Your creativity, dedication and ability to empathize with our families really showed in the high quality of work that was produced. –Karen Banks, Family House

    For more information on what we did in 2016, please check out AdaptivePath.org Annual Report.

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