• Designing the Olympics Participant Experience


    Can you imagine the complexity and opportunity of designing the participant experience for the Olympics? At our Service Experience Conference, Alex Nisbett will share his story of the first Organizing Committees for the Olympic Games to explicitly design and deliver a spectator experience for the World’s greatest sporting event. We asked him for his thoughts on service experience, the conference, and what are the next big challenges he’d like to tackle with design.

    Why should people be interested in service experience and design?

    Service experience and design is highly relevant right now. Put simply, service design is about solving real problems, which generate real value for real people. Did I mention that it’s real?

    From the last ten years or so I’ve been working in and around the design of services. During this time we’ve seen businesses and organizations increasingly recognizing that users of their services (both external customers and internal staff) place very high importance on both the central proposition of services alongside the experience of actually using and enjoying them. In a sea of sameness (products and services), the experience of using something is a real differentiator. Designers are playing an increasing role in this space.

    Working at the Olympics was both a dream come true and a really real example of service and experience being delivered

    Why are you excited about speaking at the Service Experience conference?

    These are some very exciting messages to share and it’s important to me that as many people as possible understand the opportunities there are. In truth I’m also excited to be able to listen to some of the super-smart people out there.

    What do you hope to leave people with after your talk?

    Working at the Olympics was both a dream come true and a really real example of service and experience being delivered, with all the usual constraints, for a demanding audience and with the whole world watching (well, it felt like it!) I hope some of what we went through and a little of what we did, might prove a little inspirational.

    If you could work on any service experience, what would it be and why?

    Good question, as for me the Olympics was that dream job. So I’d have to say something a little closer to home. Sadly, age related illnesses like Alzheimer’s are becoming more prevalent and impactful on society, and as we can’t stop getting older, I would like to work to improve my experience, and that of my loved ones, of the long years ahead.

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