• Better Revenue Through UX

    Smart UX managers deliver better experiences and better revenue. That’s their job.

    At the heart of this year’s MX Conference was a talk by Hotwire Group’s head of mobile, Melissa Matross. Her story starts with her hatred of display ads and how they took away from the quality of the Hotwire experience as a “necessary evil.”

    Knowing her frustration with the ads, her boss challenged Melissa saying, “If you want to get rid of the ads, find a way to replace the revenue.” This was the opening that Melissa says changed her career.

    Before her story’s done, you hear how she found revenue, dramatically improved the experience and Hotwire’s brand impression, and ignited her career:

    Melissa Matross | Better Revenue through UX: Bringing Down the Banners the Hotwire Way

    UX managers are in a rare position where they can see both the business needs and user needs, and can find where they align to produce revenues from positive relationships, not from goading, entrapment, or annoyances.

    The missing piece for UX managers is often the open mind to see the bigger business picture and the desire to dig through the data to prove out the case they know to be true. As Melissa says in her talk, “understanding the data changed my career.”

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    1. mz

      how do you get better at understanding the data? any rec’s on books, blogs, techniques, approaches are appreciated.

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