• Announcing MX 2012: Managing Experience (perhaps our best MX yet!)

    If you take a gander over here, you'll see the new website for MX 2012, our forthcoming incarnation of our Managing Experience event. This is the *only* conference targeted at managers, directors, and VPs of user experience teams. We recognize that you face a special set of challenges, and Brandon and I have worked hard to put together a great program.

    This year, we look at the challenges that faces those who try to manage and lead user experience teams, and we also learn from those who've had remarkable success. On that note, we kick off the event with Genevieve Bell, who heads Intel's new IXR, which is dedicated towards having user experience lead Intel into opportunities for powering new products and services. 

    I won't go into the whole program here (that's why we created the website), but I will say that we're addressing a range of challenges, from managing metrics to delivering inspiring creative leadership, from new tools and methods, to new roles and responsibilities (just what *does* a “VP of UX” do?). 

    We've been blessed by growing a community over the past 5 years we've held this event. The past two years we've sold out well in advance, so if you are interested in attending, make sure to sign up now. For the next two days only, we are offering a special super-early bird price of just $995. Register now.

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