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Experience Strategy

Envisioning the future experience in all its facets.

Service Design

Orchestrating and enabling a successful customer journey.

Digital Product Design

Planning and designing digital experiences across screens.

Training & Education

Equipping and preparing organizations to transform.

Our Work

We work with innovative companies who understand that great human experiences are great for businesses.

  • “We’re now in the visitor experience business!”

    That’s the realization the Exploratorium reached after seeing their end-to-end experiences for the first time.

    Through just two workshops we brought a whole new perspective to the many people responsible for what visitors to the new Exploratorium science museum experience everyday. What gets visitors to the front door? What leads them to becoming members and lovers of experimentation? A map showed those things and where to do them better.

    People from all parts of the organization mapped a visitor’s “happy path”.
  • A service to provide comfort, redesigned to give hope.

    McKesson’s Giving Comfort initiative wanted to deliver care packages to cancer patients. We brought together employees, patients, family members, and clinical support staff, and helped them transform the service from package delivery to giving a gift of hope.

    Our design principles, ecosystem map, and brand guidelines helped McKesson apply innovation to a complex, human-centered service.

  • 60% of new users said pffft! We fixed that.

    Even with Twitter’s wild popularity, over 60% of first-time users were logging on once and never coming back. We helped Twitter untangle their user experience, create a customer engagement model, and develop strategies to embed hooks in the service.

    The new first-time use experience helped 29% more users complete the onboarding process than they did with the previous design.


Space for change

We’re passionate about tomorrow, so we pay close attention today.

Connected Experiences

Reimagining what's possible when opportunities for engagement are everywhere we are.

Healthcare Innovation

In the face of complexity, designing experience for care brings meaningful change to life.

Retail with Smarts

Designing and orchestrating customer interactions transforms the retail ecosystem.