Our History

The very qualities that made us first in our field keep us ahead of it today. The beliefs that define us, guide us.

  • Before UX was the new black

    When Adaptive Path was founded, UX firms didn't exist (Neither did the devices in our pockets). In a rapidly changing world, we saw monumental opportunity. We've kept our eye on the ball ever since.

  • Thankfully, some smart people hired us

    Great work doesn’t happen without great clients. We were lucky to start out with some of the world’s best: NPR, PBS, Wells Fargo, Intel, UN Relief Aid. They set the bar high, and we’ve held it there.

  • We’ve never been shy with our opinions

    Bullish and bookish are common denominators in our halls. Co-founder Jesse James Garrett kicked off our authorship trend in 2002 with The Elements of User Experience, now a classic college text.

  • The world’s nerdiest cheer squad

    We knew one small company couldn’t tackle everything. So we set out to educate and inspire experience designers in any way we could. The people who attend our events have come to define the practice of experience design.

  • Still difficult after all these years

    Complex issues are our sweet spot. We seek the crazy, the mind-bending, the impossible–challenges that push us, our clients, and whole industries forward.



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